Product Engineering

  • Creation of  products ready for serial production
  • Competence in simultaneous engineering
  • Consideration of the production process, already during the planning phase
  • Take over responsibility for production equipment needed
  • Conduct and evaluate tryouts


In close cooperation with the product development teams at the customer site, MVI PROMOTIVE Engineering engineers creates products ready for production, which are assembled in pilot factories and proved by tryouts. Through a simultaneous engineering process, we implement a lean and cost-effective production.

Targeted DMU investigations put our specialists already in early project phases in the condition to define the perfect joining process. If there is the need to change a part or a component, for example, due to collisions or inaccessibility for assembly tools, the product adjustments can be processed already in the virtual stage of development.

MVI PROMOTIVE engineers coordinate the procurement of the production equipment needed for parts and components to build-up a pilot vehicle, as they have an excellent knowledge of the cars product structure.

Before going into serial production, last verifications are processed through tryouts for all pilot vehicles and its components to freeze the production method.