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  • The proportion of electronic components installed in cars is constantly growing, as does the overall system complexity. A vehicle’s electrical system plays an important role in this as it provides all the mechanisms for generating, storing and distributing electrical power. Electronics, software and IT are among the biggest drivers of innovation in a vehicle and are constantly challenging automotive manufactures with new tasks.

    With their technical expertise and practical knowledge, our experts at MVI PROMOTIVE Engineering can provide you with innovative and yet cost-efficient solutions. With regard to modular system architectures and external interfaces, we are specialists in the following fields:

    - Architecture development/bus systems

    - Vehicle electrical system development

    - Test management

    - Control unit development

    - Project management

    - Software development

    With our successful engineering team, we rethink the development process and, in doing so, make the complexity of vehicle electronics manageable. For you as well.

  • New technologies, intelligent networking and consumer requirements are bringing about enormous changes to the car. Digitalisation is advancing in leaps and bounds and has a significant impact on our environment and our vehicles.

    As a partner of the automotive industry, we collaborate closely with our customers to continuously improve the digital vehicle. The aim is to simplify the digital services resulting from the increasing complexity and functionality of the car in such a way as to enable consumers to use them as an instrument for their own personal mobility.

    This important line of business, which in the broadest sense covers information technology and global networking, will in future be expanded and strengthened with additional experts.

    We are thus equipped to accompany and develop the car from its digital dynamic present into its future role as a smart device.

  • Driverless vehicles will soon no longer be a vision, as various prototypes are already being tested on the roads intended for them under increasingly new and stringent conditions. In order to enable piloted driving, there are ever more sophisticated assistance systems available in various models that make the driver's task easier in many driving situation and which increase ease of driving.

    MVI PROMOTIVE Engineering supports its customers by providing development services with regard to sensors and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS). The core areas include

    - Ultrasonic

    - Laser

    - Radar

    - Camera

    This critical area of tasks calls for a wide range of experts who work together closely to improve the complex technology of the assistance systems, enabling active driving pleasure. At all stages from conceptual planning through to validation, we employ mechanics, electricians, engineers and software developers to contribute all their very different skills to developing the smartest systems for personal mobility.

  • In the debate on the cleanest and most economical cars manufacturers are focussing on the drive technologies of tomorrow. Our specialists at MVI PROMOTIVE Engineering are working on hybrid and electrical technologies as well as on drive systems using alternative fuels. 

    While our team collaborates with their customers on developing and implementing solutions for power electronics, networking, transmission and e-motors, development and modern testing and validation methods are also being worked on, as it is only possible to counter and avoid mistakes by testing and defining requirements at an early stage. In addition to requirements management, we also cooperate closely with our customers to offer coordinated and integrated services.

    What will prevail as the drive technology of tomorrow? Thanks to our expertise and constant development work, we are actively shaping the process of drivetrain development now and in the future.

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